11 Reasons why you hire escort/guide/companion:

1. A guide get you where you want to go quickly and effectively.
2. A guide can serve us your personal translator and haggling machine.
3. A guide can provide a perspective that wikipedia can't.
4. A guide can take picture of you.
5. A guide can answer questions about local life.
6. A guide can take down road less travel by.
7. A private guide, companion, escort can become your new friend, drinking party buddy or a naughty counter part.
8. A guide can protect you.
9. A private escort, guide, companion is your own encyclopedia, GPS and body guard rolled into one, specially you are new to a place.
10. A private companion, escort, guide can tailor the tour to your specific interest.
11. Hiring a reliable escort guide you can feel secure and safe.

Clients Query
1. Rate is based on half day US$100,, whole day US$150,, or extended days booking pricing, please call.
2. To whom, I will pay my chosen companion? Pay directly cash, to your chosen companion, immediately after she arrives before she starts working with you.
3. Am I expected to pay for our drinks, foods, etc?
Yes, you should pay all cost during the date, such as foods, drinks, ticket etc.
4. Where should I meet the chosen escort companion?
You should arrange a meeting in public place such as bar, restaurant or a coffee shop.
5. Do I need to dress properly upon the meeting? Yes, so you must be physically or presentable to your escort companion.
6. How many hours advance booking reservation needed? 24 hours notice is recommended.
7. Are photos real? Yes, they are 100% real photos.

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